A Revolutionary New Concept In Electronic Firing

Temperature Controllers are a very important part of any electric kiln. At Furnace Engineering we have a comprehensive range of control systems available for use with any electric kiln large or small starting with the most basic and simple to use controller through to micro processor multi ramp multi dwell fully programmable program controllers. This system is so advanced that it can be configured to telephone you if something is wrong with the firing.




FE Multi Profile Controller is the most advanced kiln controller on the market.

Price NZ $880.00

with 8" R type probe NZ$1060.00


( prices are excluding of GST)


Bartlett Model 3 K

Price NZ$ 400.00


( prices are excluding of GST)


RTC 100

RTC 1000

Price NZ$ 500.00

( prices are excluding of GST)

BTC 2600

Price NZ$ 365.00

( prices are excluding of GST)


BTC 2600

Digital Pyrometer

R Type or K Type

Digital Pyrometer

Price NZ$ 495.00 (Rtype)

( prices are excluding of GST)

Thermocouple Probes

Temperature Controll Information

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