Furnace Engineering manufacture L.P.G and Natural Gas Down Draft Pottery Kilns from a small 3.5 cuft up to a 30 cuft as a standard kiln , but we build larger gas kilns on request , top hat or trolley kilns, just supply us your required measurements and we will be pleased to provide you with our price.

We are unable to take on any kiln orders until further notice


Kiln parts such as controllers / probes and elements are welcome


Front Loading Kilns

20 CuFt. Down Draft Natural Gas four burner Pottery kiln.

Brick/Fibre option with a stainless steel hood to collect exhaust gasses.

Fitted with a manometer for very accurate measurement of the gas pressure.


Manometer and venturi mixers on

a Natural Gas Pottery Kiln.

Features .

  • Safety valve - this device ensures safe starting and gives full flame failure protection.
  • Adjustable venturi air mixers for full flame control.
  • Ladder Pilot Burner cross light between burners for added flame safety, can also be used to dry out kiln ware.
  • Cast Iron Burners We know that a ordinary pipe fitting with some mesh will work , but it's just NOT good enough.
  • Single Point Control for accurate control of the gas pressure flowing to the burners.
  • Breathing wall concept to eliminate corrosion and to keep the kiln cooler on the outside.
  • Easy to Operate Sliding Damper to control the secondary air going into the kiln.
  • Large Spy holes makes cones easy to see.
  • Stainless Steel Roof for added protection for Sodium Silicate users.
  • High Grade Fiber rated at 1440 degrees C to minimize shrinkage and to give a long life service.
  • Down Draft Flue made from siliminite which makes a very strong flue.


60 CuFt Trolley Kiln , 12 Burners , 1350 C

Furnace Engineering Adjustable Venturi Mixer gives you Total Flame Control.

Don't let your work go up in smoke

Choose a FE Kiln

Natural Gas Forced Air ,Four Burners.

30 CuFt LPG Pottery Kiln with Kiln Heater and Multi Profile Controller for temperature control.



Easy to operate gas controls


Only Quality Safety Valves are used


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