Optional Stack bonded fiber for all our gas kilns

 14 CuFt LPG gas fired pottery kiln

Hobby 7.5 Cuft , single burner LPG kiln.

20 Cuft Natural Gas Pottery Kiln , with stainless steel hood.

9 Cuft LPG Pottery Kiln

60 Cuft LPG fired 12 burners Trolley kiln.

Max. Temperature 1380 degrees C


Gas controls for a four burner natural gas kiln incl . gas manometer.

We use mainly high quality SIT gas control valves which in combination with our own manufactured venturi gas mixers gives you total control over your firings.

Brick / Fiber Gas Kiln

Brick/Fiber Four Burner Natural Gas Kiln.

Fully controlled by our FE controller.

Electric solenoid valves regulate the gas flow.

The FE temperature controller can operate this two stage burner system incl. the flame safety flame rod if required.

Supreme Steel Products a leading New Zealand investment casting comp. has seven of those kilns in operation