This Digital Pyrometer is an instrument with great accuracy , it comes with a standard 8" Platinum / Rhodium probe or a K Type probe and one meter of compensating cable.

This instrument indicates the temperature only and is NOT a temperature controller. This type is much more easy to read and far more accurate then the analog pyrometers.

Require a 230/110 Volt Power supply.

R Type (Platinum/Rhodium) Price NZ $495.00 (Approx US $275.00)

K Type Price NZ $385.00 (Approx US $200.00)

( prices are excluding of GST)

 R Type is suitable for all pottery en ceramic temperatures (1300 degrees C or 2370 F )

K Type is suitable for all earthenware , low firing clay and all glass work (1180 C or 2150 F )

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