Small Glass Slump Kiln



This kiln is build for the small studio or hobby use .

Internal measurements 660mm x 500mm x 220mm


The elements can run on a normal 3 pin plug 2.3 KW (10 Amp )

Or better a heavy 3 pin plug ( 3.2 KW ) 14 Amp.


 The Perfect Fire III temperature controller with its 55 steps gives plenty flexabilty


Large Slump kiln

Internal measurements 1250 mm x 500mm x 500 mm

Fitted with a winch to open the hood .

Plenty vents are fitted to speed up cooling


Internal size 1650 x 1100 x 300mm


Controller is a Perfect Fire III ( 55 steps )


Coffin Kilns


Coffin Kiln 6.9 Kw Single phase power



Internal size 1040mm L x 647mm W x 330mm H