A Great and Very Inexpensive Electronic Kiln Control 

A Perfect Firing Every Time

Model 3K

Price NZ $500.00 or Approx US $ 250.00

(daily exchange rates apply) 

( prices are excluding of GST)


Model 3K must be the most user friendly smaller kiln controller available today.

  • Four programs of six steps can be stored into the memory
  • Totally automatic kiln firing for beginners and experienced ceramic/glass artist.
  • Much easier than cones  
  • Uses inexpensive K type or R Type thermocouple sensor .
  • Thermocouple burnout protection.
  • Constant memory.
  • Extremely Accurate and reliable.
Up - to - Minute Microprocessor Design .

You Can....

  • Program up to 4 programs of 6 steps
  • Fire Between Cones.
  • Fire to any Temperature.
  • Select your Rate of Heating.
  • Select Delay Time
  • Select a Soak or Hold Time

 The Large Bright L.E.D . Display Shows......


This is a six segment controller using cone terminology and technology. The controller has a digital countdown timer and digital temperature display.

It will store four different programs of six segments.


Available in K type For Ceramics / Earthenware and Glass work ( Max temp.1150 degrees C ) .

Available in R type For High Firing Earthenware / Stoneware Pottery and Porcelain (Max temp.1400 degrees C).

Easily to build into any existing kiln , take out the old kiln sitter and fit a new Model-3 into it's place with an adaptor plate.

This panel mount controller comes with a Transformer ,1 x Relay 25 Amp , Operating Manual.


Probe NOT included. 

Price NZ $ 500

Approx US $250

(daily exchange rates apply) 

Plus Freight

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Wiring Diagram


Available From.

Furnace Engineering .

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Email : kilns@furnace-eng.co.nz

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