A Very Powerful Controller for a Reasonable Price

Price NZ $ 600

Approx. US $ 300

(daily exchange rates apply)  

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The RTC 10000 must be one of the most powerful controllers for it's size and price.

  • Programmable are  6 Steps with each a ramp , Hold or Soak time and Temperature
  • Programmable Delay Time .
  • Totally automatic kiln firing for beginners and experienced ceramic/glass artist.
  • Uses inexpensive K type thermocouple sensor , also available in R type.
  • Thermocouple burnout protection.
  • Constant memory.
  • Extremely Accurate and reliable.

This is a very powerful panel mount controller with 8 steps each with a ramp , set temperature and hold or soak time , which makes this an ideal controller for glass work.

It can temporarily show the remaining Hold or Soak time , or the remaining time in a Delay.


RTC1000 Digital Kiln Controller

Features of the RTC 1000 include: special glass functions, add time, and edit on the fly, as well as ceramic cone-fire features; thermocouple offsets; six ramp/hold programs; zone control; add time; back key; and a recall user program to allow easier use of the controller.

Features of the RTC 1000

Cone Fire ,Preheat ,6 Ramp/Hold Programs ,Zone Control ,Thermocouple Offset .

Other Software Options

Ramp/Hold programs only (no Cone Fire features) ,  Jewelry Burn Out Programs .

New improved features:

Add Time ,Back Key , Recall User Program .

CONE FIRE METHOD - use when firing to a specific cone number.


Available in K type For Ceramics / Earthenware and Glass work ( max temp.1150 degrees C ) .

Available in R type For High Firing Earthenware / Stoneware Pottery and Porcelain (max temp.1400 degrees C).

Easily to build into any existing kiln .

This controller comes complete with a Transformer and 1 x Relay 25 Amp

One RTC 1000 controller can operate 3 relays , each relay can switch 2 x 25 Amp. giving you a switching capacity of a massive 150 Amp.

Extra relays or heavy 30 Amp relays are available .

Probe NOT included. 
Price NZ$ 600.00

Approx US $300

(daily exchange rates apply)

Plus freight.

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Available From.

Furnace Engineering .

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Email : kilns@furnace-eng.co.nz

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