Electrical heating elements are manufactured at our own factory. We can manufacture elements not only for our own make of kilns but we can produce elements for all New Zealand and for most all other overseas made kilns and for a very competitive price. Full records are kept for replacement elements.

All of our spiral wound elements are manufactured from Kanthal A1 element wire to the highest standards , and can be embedded in vacuum formed board or in a refractory ceramic tile .

Other types of elements available include Silicon Glass Rod (SGR), Silicon Carbide and Kanthal Super heating elements.

To support spiral wound elements we have available imported from Germany Alumina rods and tubes in a variety of lengths.

We can manufacture elements for all New Zealand made kilns ; Elecfurn , Cobcraft , McGregor , Arum , Rexmark , Eagle , CCG kilns you name it we can do it , and often cheaper than from the original manufacturer direct and with NO compromise in quality. Overseas made kilns like Duncan , Paragon , Stanton , Aim Kilns , Cress , it's NO problem to us.


Elements in any Thickness

Elements in any Shape

We offer a prompt and efficient service





 All Furnace Engineering electric kiln elements have been designed to give rapid heat up and excellent life expectancy with a minimum creepage.

Heating elements wound from wire manufactured by the largest specialist supplier of high temperature alloys in the world Kanthal, whose undoubted reputation stretches back over sixty years.

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